Sunday 22 April 2018

Nadine Blouse

A bit of eventful sewing today I couldn't put my collar in. Don't know what happened but I was a whole inch out.  This was before I'd even started on the cider.  Eventually, I realised my mistake; I had cut the piece too small.  (Edit: after going back and looking at the pattern again it seems I did cut out the right size. So odd it would be a whole inch out). So, with no more material left* I had to patch the back of the collar (7th picture) not ideal, but hopefully, no one will notice. Then, I noticed my mannequin was leaning to one side, think she's been sneaking my drink. Managed to rectify her, and straighten her out. Nearly finished just buttons, hem and armholes to do.
*The retailer of the fabric messaged me to ask if I would like extra material to fix my collar. I kindly declined, as I had already patched the collar, and couldn't face taking it off again. Thank you Adam Ross Fabric for the kind offer. 

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