Sewing Gadget Necessities

Snag Needle

One of the pieces of sewing equipment that I don't get to use very often, but when I do, I just love it.  This is a snag needle; it looks like a regular needle point wise, but when you get to the top there's no eye for the thread. It's just a really rough cut metal. What do you do with it? I had a pull on my work trousers at the knee (I would tense up every time I noticed the tiny loop of fabric.) Anyway, I inserted the needle into the fabric, from the right side to the wrong side, and on the way, I caught the loop with the rough needle end and pulled it through. Hey, presto! No more pull (snag) all gone and trousers look good as new.


Red Tacking Thread

My favourite thing about sewing and what I enjoy doing most is basting or tacking as we used to call it at school. I always do it no matter what I'm making, and 9 times out of 10 I will use red thread.